A Kids Book about The Tulsa Race Massacre

By Carlos Moreno

  • A Kids Book About, 2020
  • Lexile: na
  • Suggested Age Range: 5–9
  • Pages: 64

CITATION: Moreno, Carlos. A Kids Book about The Tulsa Race Massacre. A Kids Book About, 2020.

This pictureless book is designed for young children and early readers, though it is strongly recommended that this book be read with an adult. A Kids Book about The Tulsa Race Massacre includes information about Tulsa’s Greenwood community both pre and post 1921 with its ultimate focus being on hope and resilience. Deliberately designed as an open access resource, is available as a pdf for free online through this link. Moreno does an excellent job modeling for children what it looks like to cite your sources, something that isn’t common in many children’s books. After reading the book, children may be interested in discussing why the book was designed without pictures.