Dreamland Burning

By Jennifer Latham

  • Little, Brown, 2017
  • Lexile: 890L
  • Suggested Age Range: Grades 9 and up
  • Pages: 400

CITATION: Latham, Jennifer. Dreamland Burning. Little, Brown, 2017.

This fictional book takes readers back and forth between a present day Tulsa teen named Rowan and a Tulsa teen from 1921 named William. Rowan’s family is undergoing renovations on their home when a renovation crew discovers a skeleton underneath the floor boards. Rowan and a friend take it upon themselves to do some sleuthing, and readers follow along with them while also learning more about the events that led up to the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre from William’s perspective. Eventually their stories collide, and readers find out who the identity of the skeleton really is.

The story-line of this book will keep readers guessing and wanting to read more. As such, it is good for advanced readers as well as developing and even reluctant readers.

One section of the book talks about Rowan’s research in the digitized Tulsa Star. Teachers may want to consider pairing the Tulsa Star lesson plan with this chapter when assigned.