The Tulsa Race Massacre

By Kara L. Laughlin

  • The Child’s World, 2021
  • Lexile: 920 L
  • Suggested Age Range: 10–13
  • Pages: 32

CITATION: Laughlin, Kara L.. The Tulsa Race Massacre. The Child’s World, 2021.

This nonfiction book is a part of The Black American Journey series published by The Child’s World. It is intended as a research guide for older elementary and middle school

students. The book discusses the events of the Tulsa Race Massacre and does an especially good job discussing the many ways in which the justice system failed the people of Tulsa’s Greenwood. The book ends by mentioning the building of Greenwood Rising.

The end of the book includes useful discussion questions about racism, the power of words, and socioeconomics in 1921. A glossary and helpful timeline also exist at the end of this book.