Angel of Greenwood

By Randi Pink

  • Square Fish, 2022
  • Lexile: NA
  • Suggested Age Range: Grades 6–12
  • Pages: 304

CITATION: Pink, Randi. Angel of Greenwood. Square Fish, 2022.

This book follows two teenagers, Isaiah and Angel, as they navigate life growing up in Tulsa’s Greenwood neighborhood, discover their passion for poetry and writing, and eventually fall in love. Their attachment at first seems unlikely as Isaiah is a troublemaker, while Angel is a religious girl with high standards. But ultimately, both bond over their love of W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington. The innocence of their love stands in stark contrast to hatred that attacks their neighborhood in 1921. Throughout the attack, Isaiah and Angel demonstrate incredible bravery in helping their neighbors. Ultimately, both survive and find ways to regain hope and love.