Up From the Ashes

By Hannibal Johnson

  • Eakin Press, 2000
  • Lexile: na
  • Suggested Age Range: 6–12. Suggested Age: 2nd–3rd grade
  • Pages: 42

CITATION: Johnson, Hannibal. Up From the Ashes. Eakin Press, 2000.

Published in 2000, Up from the Ashes is one of the earliest books published for children on the topic of The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, which at the time of this book’s publication, was still referred to as The Tulsa Race Riot. It is told from the firsthand perspective of Jimmy, a 9 year old boy who grows up in Tulsa’s Greenwood neighborhood in 1921. This story details real people who lived and worked in this community and documents their various successes. Colorful sketches of early Greenwood businesses accompany many of the pages. A significant portion of the book (approximately 9 pages of full-text narrative) discusses The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. The story ends by telling readers about Mount Zion and the start of its rebuilding. In a postscript, this book ends saying that the Greenwood district is ready for rebirth. This book would make an excellent pairing with conversations about the rebirth that this area has experienced since the book’s publication. Of note is that a real 3rd grade class provided the author with feedback on this book before it was published.